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Outdoor Marketing International (OMI) is an independent trading agency in the firearms industry. Our group represents manufacturers in foreign markets as its field force. We are, up to this day, the largest group that offers such services in this industry.

Following brands are represented by OMI internationally
Following brands are represented by OMI internationally
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Besides our trading and marketing responsibilities, we also provide services such as freight consolidation, EC customs clearance, CIP approvals, various EC certifications and creation of print media in native languages.

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With more than 10 years of business experience in this field, we know how to handle all aspects of successfull distribution. Personal contacts, as well as scientific market research for the manufacturer at all levels of distribution, plus direct contact with the end user.

This will provide the knowledge to offer the right product mix for the different markets.

We analyze all consumer and trade magazines. You want to know who gets the most ”free press“, who advertises the most in our territory? Ask us, we will have an answer.

Creativity is not just about great ideas ...
Manufacturers rely primarily on their importers to handle all aspects of advertising and promoting their brands and products. Importers want to advertise in accordance with the manufacturers´ “message”, BUT considering local preferences, legal requirements and the taste of the consumers.
Create advertising campaigns with both parties in local language, that meet local demands in conjunction with the manufacturers´ message.
Provide media that include the correct products, the important features for that country, along with matching local “beauty shots”.
Conversion of US consumer catalogs in native languages, correct photos, country tailored information, local contact information and required legal input (clothing, chemicals)
... but also perfect execution.
The market (retail) price and continuous availability in foreign markets is determined by multiple factors (freight, customs, ex- / import licenses, storage req., financing cost, certification, correct markings).
Maintain margin for manufacturer, lower landed cost to improve competitiveness for distributor.
Ship from source to customer. Support both sides in their licensing requirements. Balance weight/volume versus value. Establish forecast programs, to improve just in time production. Obtain certifications from authorities / labs to meet EC standards, based on manufacturers data (i.e. CIP, CE, ISO).
Offer date driven sales programs, to consolidate orders and reduce transportation cost, accept minimum quantity requirements from the factory and repack at our warehouse to accommodate smaller orders.

Customer manuals for quicker export / import applications.
A “Handshake” is not only a commitment, it is a promise.
The ISO 9000 family of standards is related to quality management systems and designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to the product or service.
Registered Firearms and Ammunition Broker with the German Ministry of Interior.
Tcompliance is a distinct entity with a shared mission to increase commercial transparency for multinational companies and their commercial intermediaries by raising the standard of anti-bribery compliance.
Growth is important, controlled growth is vital.
  2004 2019
Employees 2 16
Customers 43 254
Exhibitions 7 27
Countries 16 51
Quick and reliable communication.
iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, websites and “Clouds”.

To take full advantage of the communication technologies, we use the latest generation of Apple hard- and software.
Our average response time is less than 3hrs and 42 minutes (based on a 24 hrs cycle, excluding weekends), with time zones of up to 9hrs.
Technical research, certification and warranty-services. Responding is good, giving an answer much better. Due to time zones and manufacturers´ priorities, answers are not always readily at hand.
OMI has invested in technical hardware, such as ballistic and armorers equipment along with an underground shooting range, to test or verify customer data.
Video and photo equipment to suggest product improvement or product research.
We cooperate directly with 4 EC registered laboratories, 2 proof houses (CIP), 1 government law enforcement testing facility.
Outdoor Marketing International (OMI) at work: Powerfull like a BIG-BLOCK-engine, efficient like a HYBRID-engine.
Trying to remote control overseas markets does not work. Contracting services are a viable alternative vs. an employed international field force. Profit is more predictable, labor cost for the manufacturer will only occur, if product has been sold (fixed vs. variable cost).
Especially in the international business, fixed labor cost, plus travel expenses, plus local labor laws, local legal requirements, because of our ITAR controlled industry, make it a challenge to have an employed field force at reasonable cost.
Knowing and understanding your business partners, is only possible in a relaxed environment.
Party time: OMI goes Oktoberfest! We suggest, come and see for yourself. At least once in your life.

IWA Sunday evening : OMI cocktail reception. The show is practically done, we can all tune down a bit, finger food, good German beer and wine. Customers, manufacturers, writers, business friends, competitors. We are one industry.
Distributor Meetings... Our bi-annual trade meeting, filled with news, seminars, product demos, marketing concepts and social time. On average 25 Countries, 35 distributors (90 people) exchanging ideas, experience and of course industry rumors.

But… you have to make it worth their while. 7 times mission accomplished.
We live what we preach… let’s go hunting!

Our factory / customer appreciation hunts have become famous. But whether it is Germany, Namibia, Ukraine, Belarus, Spain or Turkey, we always leave some spare time to understand and learn about the people and their country and so do our business friends.
we are

Our office is located in Germany, 87 miles east of Frankfurt International Airport.

Flight time for OMI:

  • to major European cities - max. 3 hours
  • to Middle East & North Africa - max. 4 hours
  • to United States & Canada - max. 7 hours
  • to Japan, Korea & China - max. 8 hours

Our agency is doing business around the globe. We have developed the necessary sensitivity to deal with different cultures and business ethics. A simple ”handshake“ may be perfect, or inappropriate.

It is important to create worldwide marketing concepts that will reward proactive customers.


"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs

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